VM INNOVATIONS INC Eco-Fog/G Gallons of Fog/Smoke/Haze Machine Refill Liquid Juice

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1 Buy equal to 8 Gal. of American DJ Eco Fog Juice. The American DJ Eco Fog Juice is made from water based pharmaceutical grade ingredients, each approved by the FDA. Eco Fog Juice produces white clouds of smoke when used with American DJ fog machines (may be used in other water based fog machines). Using Eco Fog Juice increases the visibility of light beams and colors of your special effects lighting and helps create an exciting atmosphere. Please note that American DJ Fog Juice has a 3-year shelf life. The American DJ Eco Fog is great for special effects lighting, laser shows, atmosphere, Halloween, haunted houses, parties, bands, DJs and theater. If you want the most output for your money, this is the way to go. American DJ provides top quality DJ/Party equipment and the Eco Fog is no exception. VMInnovations is an authorized American DJ dealer that sells new, warranted products.