USSC GRILLS USG890SS Wood Pellet Grill Smoker in Stainless Steel with Searing Station, Silver

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The USG890SS stainless steel wood pellet grill has integrated technology to automatically adjust the internal cooking temperature to your desired setting while considering the outdoor ambient temperatures to ensure your food is always cooked to perfection. The 890 square in. cooking area can cook enough food for any occasion. The stainless-steel lid and pedestal sides are corrosion resistant and can be easily cleaned to ensure low maintenance. Unique to the USG890SS wood pellet grill is the integrated electric searing station to lock in the flavors of your meats. The USSC GRILLS USG890SS wood pellet grill also features a unique grease management system that can be removed for easy cleanup and maintenance. The new drip tray is designed for standard commercially available aluminum pan. The side table with removable stainless insert and the wire basket/tool hanger at the side table are additional convenience features. This USA engineered wood pellet grill and smoker is set apart from traditional offset smokers since the computer control technology allows you to set the cooking temperature (just like your oven) to the perfect temperature for any meat while maintaining a very even heat across the entire cooking time, whether its 1 or 8 hours and even longer. The stainless-steel lid with cast aluminum sides provides consistent heat in any weather. Color: Silver.