Sunstone Designer Series 304 Stainless Steel 46 in. x 34.5 in. x 28.25 in. Drop in Gas Grill Base Cabinet

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The 46 in. Sunstone Gas Grill Base Cabinet is uniquely designed to receive multiple Gas Grill Brand Models right out of the box easy installation. The cabinet comes standard with a Right and Left Side Door Enclosure for a Propane Tank or Trash Bin with 2-Center Large Drawers with Ample Storage Space for all your BBQ Utensils, Rubs and Sauces. The cabinet comes Fully Assembled, only requiring to fasten on the four included Peg-Legs, screw in place each 304 SS Rod Handles and mount the Front and Back Kick-Plates. This Cabinet makes use of a “TRIM-KIT” that is installed on the front face of cabinet, which adapts the cabinet to fit your preferred grill and is compatible with Grills “CUT-OUT” Sizes between 35-3/4 in. to 41 in. Width x 8 in. to 10-1/4 in. Max Height with counter at 3/4 in. Height with Filler Rail installed or removed. Additional Height can be adjusted by Removing Bottom Filler Rail or by adding a Thicker Counter or Backer Board. Please Specify the Correct “TRIM-KIT” to be included with cabinet to fit your grill, if your grill is any of our Models we will automatically include the correct Trim-Kit. Please refer to the Cabinets Specification Sheet for more information, see the second page showing the various insert sleeve dimensions this refers to your grills “Cut-Out” Dimension – match this up to the correct “Trim-Kit” and specify this piece on your order or call Sunstone Manufacturer (Texas) for Free Trim Kit.