SunFurnn Kamado Charcoal Grill Ceramic Barbecue Smoker and Roaster with Built-in Thermometer and Stainless Steel Grate in Black

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This kamado grill smoker is ideal for the apartment dweller who likes to entertain a lot of friends and family. Heavy-duty refractory ceramic inside a stainless steel shell radiates heat evenly around meats and foods, resulting in steady temperatures and fuel efficiency. Master outdoor cooking on the 5-in-1 ceramic charcoal grill. Designed to perform a broad array of cooking techniques, this versatile outdoor grill can smoke, char grill, bake, sear and roast foods to tender perfection. Advanced glazing technique creates a weather-resistant smoker grill that can withstand temperatures of up to 750°F while being rain-resistant. A top vent lets you manage air flow and the spring-hinged dome lifts easily with a finger. It is ideal for the slow, steady cooking of brisket and smoked ribs.