Smokehouse Prod. Inc. Little Chief Smoker 9800

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Little Chief Top Load Vertical Electric Smoker – Made for curing and smoking game and domestic meats. This top loading smoker plugs into standard 3-prong (grounded) 110/120V electrical outlet. Strictly for outdoor use. Includes 4 sliding grills, electric cord, drip pan, wood flavor pan, recipe book, and a starter bag of wood chips. Size: 24.5 In. H. x 12 In. W. x 12 In. D. – Dimensions: 12 In. W. x 24.5 In. H. x 12 In. D., Wattage: 250W, Style: Vertical, Smoker Material: Aluminum, Grate Material: Wire, Surface Area: 431 Sq. In., Capacity: 25 Lb., Number Of Cooking Racks: 4 Cooking Racks, Color: Silver, Weight: 15 Lb., Warranty: 2 Yr., Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Box