Smokehouse 5 lbs. Apple BBQ Smoker and Grill Smoking Hardwood Wood Pellets (2-Pack)

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A favorite of BBQ cookers, the Smokehouse Apple Wood Smoking Pellets are ideal for smoking any cut of meat, including pork, beef and poultry. These smoking pellets have a signature sweet flavor that enhances the flavor of nearly any food and is the favorite of many professional BBQ enthusiasts. These apple BBQ pellets use a 100% apple wood blended with Pacific Northwest alder base wood to get a consistently mild, sweet smoke that apple wood is famous for. The alder wood base adds a neutral, balanced smoke without interfering with the sweetness of the apple wood, yet allows you to smoke for adequate time periods without over doing it. Smokehouse Products BBQ pellets are made from 100% natural hardwoods, with no binders, waxes or unknown secret ingredient. These hardwood smoking pellets are flavored with 100% real hardwoods, not oils or additives. You can use these hardwood smoking pellets on all outdoor BBQ grills, gas grills, charcoal grills and of course the Smokehouse Smoke Chief. The Smokehouse BBQ Smoking Pellets are famous for their quality and consistency so that you know each time you make your favorite recipe, it’s going to have the same great taste you have come to expect.