Royal Oak 100% Hardwood Charcoal Pellets for BBQ Grilling, 30 Pound Bag

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Make your grill the talk of the town with Royal Oak 100% Hardwood Charcoal Pellets. Made from real hardwood, these charcoal pellets are sure to bring that sweet and savory barbecue flavor to your pellet grill. Free of coatings and additives, these pellets give only that authentic barbecue flavor that you crave. These charcoal pellets burn hot, searing barbecue to perfection even on your pellet grill. The pellets are perfect for both low-heat smoking and high-heat grilling, and the wood chunks resist water, freeing you from the hassle of dealing with clogged augers. 30 lbs. of real charcoal and nothing else, the pellets are safe to use on any pellet grill, making them perfect for your barbecue no matter the brand. Whether you’re smoking a delicious brisket or quickly searing some delectable steaks, these pellets will give you exactly what you’re looking for. Use Royal Oak’s 100 Percent Hardwood Charcoal Pellets so you can achieve that real barbecue flavor.