Royal Gourmet Barrel Charcoal Grill 30 in Black, with Offset Smoker for Patio and Parties, Outdoor Backyard

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Highly-coveted Smoky Flavors in Your Each Bite What type of grill will allow you to use all the cooking techniques you dream of. How to cook large cuts of meat with falling-off-the-bone tenderness, Royal Gourmet CC1830M Barrel Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker helps realize smoking aficionados’ dreams on the grill. You may take some more hands-on time and temperature monitoring than gas grills, but the results are quite satisfying. Precisely controlling the heat that imparts subtle and highly-coveted smoky flavors through your meat and vegetables, this large charcoal pit serves you best to feed a crowd during the game-day parties and family reunions. Color: Black.