Otto Wilde The Otto Lite – Portable Propane Gas Grill in Stainless Look, Assorted

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Create steakhouse-quality steaks quick and easy with the Otto Grill Lite. with extreme temperatures of up to 1500°F the Otto Grill Lite creates a delicious, crunchy sear that seals in juices and flavor. Featuring 2 simultaneously controlled radiant infra-red burners, the grill allows you to dial in the ideal temperature for whatever type of steak you’re cooking. Gas-powered over-fire ceramic burners are fuel efficient, prevent nasty flare ups and are independently controlled to guarantee maximum control over the temperature you need to cook steak, meat, fish and pizza. The Clever Lever and 6 slide in slots allows safe high adjustment of the grate. Handcrafted in Germany. Color: Assorted.