OKLAHOMA JOE’S Rider 900 Pellet Grill in Black

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Featuring 900 Plus sq. in. of cooking space, easy-to-use digital controls and durability you can trust, the OKLAHOMA JOE’S Rider 900 Pellet Grill is built to impress. From low and slow smoking to high-temp grilling to direct heat searing over the Fire Plate, the Rider 900 delivers on versatility and rich wood-fired flavor. Additionally, the innovative Flex Grate and Flex Racks Systems enable countless custom cooking setups. The Rider 900 also has an electric-powered Pit Control System that can be set to cook for a desired amount of time or to a desired internal temperature. What’s more, switching out and storing hardwood pellets is made simple with the 20 lbs. capacity QuickDraw Hopper. All of the features on the OKLAHOMA JOE’S Rider 900 Pellet Grill are designed not only to meet your needs, but also to exceed your expectations of performance. Color: black.