NUKE Puma Outdoor Charcoal and Wood-Fired Grill in Black

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Hand-made by local artisans in Argentina, the NUKE Puma Outdoor Argentinian Grill is a Santa Maria-style grill with a heavy-duty brazier-style fire starter basket where wood is burnt to hot embers before they are slide onto heat refractory bricks under the grill. A control wheel raises or lowers the grill grate allowing grillers to cook from 4 in. to 23 in. from the coals. It’s outfitted with V-shaped grill grates, traditional in Argentinian real-fire cooking, to channel fat away from the fire avoiding flare-ups. Combining stainless and heavy-gauge steel, the Puma comes with a wheeled-cart, fire poker and shovel, as well as a cast-iron griddle to overlay the brazier for flat-top cooking. Color: Black.