Natural Oak Hard Lump Charcoal for Grill Cooking, 15.4 lbs., Wood Chunks

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Grilling tasty barbeque doesn’t get any easier than this. Best of the West’s 100% Natural Hard Lump Charcoal makes barbequing simple and your food more flavorful. This 15.4 lbs. bag of charcoal makes barbecuing effortless and cooks your meal to perfection. The 100% natural oak charcoal burns hotter, longer, and is perfect for all of your outdoor grilling needs. Use the hard lump charcoal in any charcoal grill and keep the good times rolling. In addition to burning hotter and longer than typical briquettes, this 100% natural charcoal adds delicious wood-smoked flavor to all grilled foods. With no fillers or additives, long-lasting performance, and giving your food a real-wood barbecue flavor, this all-natural oak charcoal is a clear cookout winner. For juicy and delicious steaks, chicken, and seafood, add Best of the West’s 100% Natural Oak Hard Lump Charcoal to your grilling experience.