Myron Mixon Wood BBQ Pellets for Smoking and Grilling, Hickory (2 Pack)

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Whether you’re smoking a variety of meats with your friends and family this summer or just grilling some pork steaks on the grill, adding a 2-Pack of Myron Mixon Smokers Hickory Wood Pellets to your grill or smoker can take your flavor to the next level. All of Myron Mixon’s BBQ wood chips are locally sourced and harvested. The pellets are also naturally cured and free from artificial flavors. That means you get all the flavor and none of the unhealthy chemicals. These bags of wood pellets feature the Hickory flavor that creates a delightful taste and smell that everyone can enjoy. Not only is the Hickory flavor great for meat, it can also be used to take your veggies to the next level. It’s time to ditch chemical-filled gas and charcoal. Grill up natural goodness this summer by adding the 2-Pack of Myron Mixon Smokers BBQ Wood Pellets in Hickory to your grill or smoker this year.