Lifesmart 1500 Square Inch Pellet Grill and Smoker with Dual Meat Probes, Precision Digital Control and 3 Cooking Racks

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Smoke your favorite meats or vegetables with the Lifesmart P1500B Wood Pellet Grill. This grill provides you with the real taste of wood fire due to it being operated by wood pellets. There is no need for messy and dangerous lighter fluid, simply push the steel flash igniter button to start the system. Our precision temperature control is accurate within 1 degree and adjustable in 5 degree increments to set and maintain the perfect temperature that ranges from 180 degrees to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether you bake, smoke, sear, grill, roast or dehydrate your foods you can find the perfect setting so your meals are cooked to perfection. Included is two digital meat probes This allows you to cook two different items at the same time and cook them to the perfect internal temperature. For example you can cook chicken and ribs at the same time. The grill features a cook chamber that allows for larger items like 25lbs. turkeys or beer can chicken. The 3 cooking grates allow for up to 1500 square inches of cooking surface making this one of the largest cook surfaces in its class. In fact you can smoke 8 racks of ribs. Use the grates to cook multiple items to create that perfect backyard feast. The hopper holds 30lbs. of your favorite pellets to allow low smoking for up to 30 hours. Enjoy the great taste of wood BBQ today with the Lifesmart Wood Pellet Grill.