LANDMANN 26 in. Black Electric Smoker with Viewing Window

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Great for small spaces: If you want a smoker but have limited space to put one, LANDMANN Electric Smoker has compact space saving design. Perfect if you live in an apartment, condo, or just want a smoker to compliment your gas grill. 3-In-One Combo Tray: When space is limited, efficiency is the name of the game. Your new smoker is equipped with a 3-1 combo tray that is the perfect home for a wood chip box, a water pan and grease pan. Optimized Cooking Capacity: 3 levels with 3 easy to clean chrome plated cooking grates means more levels of smokey meaty goodness. Bring on the chicken, beef, and pork. Enjoy the View: No need to lose heat, checking on your meat. The LANDMANN 26 electric smoker has a full view window that allows you to check the progress of your meat without letting the flavorful smoke or essential heat out of the smoker door. Easy to Transport: The lightweight design allows for ease of mobility to different locations. This is ideal for small spaces or simply changing location of the smoker whenever you feel the need. Electrical Powered: 1500 Watt heating element to heat up meat to the proper temperature while adding smoke to the flavor. Adjustable Feet: Babies should wobble, your smoker shouldnt. With 4 adjustable feet, you can rest assured that your smoker will stay level even if the ground that it rests on isnt.