Kingsford 20 lbs. Signature Blend of Mesquite, Cherry, and Oak Wood Grilling Pellets (2-Pack)

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Big flavor is what grilling pellets are all about. Now you can get Kingsford quality flavor in any pellet grill. These 100% natural hardwood pellets deliver a bold, balanced blend of Mesquite, Oak and Cherrywood to bring you big, no-holds-barred flavor. This signature blend of hardwoods is perfect for use with most proteins and vegetables. Safe for all pellet grills, these BBQ pellets also keep the temperature of your grill consistent for even heat that will enhance your grilling experience and add full-bodied flavor to just about everything you cook. Not just for grilling, these natural wood pellets are also great for baking and roasting. Kingsford sources real hardwood from across America to bring you authentic pellets. These all-natural pellets are made with pure flavor hardwood to deliver the rich taste of real wood without compromising quality. That means no fillers. No binders. No dyes. No preservatives.