Kingsford 20 lbs. Cherrywood Wood Grilling Pellets

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Some grillers prefer a delicate smoke that won’t overpower their food. Now you can get Kingsford quality flavor in any pellet grill, and fire up 3x more cherry wood compared to the leading brand for unbeatable cherrywood smoke flavor. The fruity smoke of 100% pure cherrywood is the griller’s choice for any protein or vegetable, and pairs perfectly with pork ribs. Safe for all pellet grills, these BBQ pellets also keep the temperature of your grill consistent for even heat that will enhance your grilling experience and add full-bodied flavor to just about everything you cook. Not just for grilling, they are also great for baking and roasting. Kingsford sources real hardwood from across America to bring you authentic, made in the USA pellets. These all-natural pellets are made with pure flavor hardwood to deliver the bold, fruity taste of real cherrywood without compromising quality. No fillers. No binders. No dyes. No preservatives.