JEALOUS DEVIL 8 lbs. 100% Natural Hardwood Wood Lump Grill Charcoal

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Kick up the heat. This 8 lbs. bag of JEALOUS DEVIL 100% Natural Hardwood Charcoal burns hotter so you can cook faster while instilling your mouth-watering ribs, veggies and steaks with a subtle, earthy flavor. Each piece of charcoal is made from incredibly dense South American hardwood. JEALOUS DEVIL’s 100% natural sourcing and process leave the hardened charcoal wood resistant to pops and sparks and all without adding in chemicals or fillers. This charcoal also produces minimal ash for minimal waste and maintenance. When you’re grilling, barbecuing or smoking, you’ll never worry about overpowering your meat’s natural flavors or the tasty kick of your rub. This charcoal adds, it doesn’t distract. Make it an accent to your dish without the worry of overpowering your carefully crafted recipes. With a maximum temperature of over 1,100°, you’ll really turn up the heat with this 8 lbs. bag of JEALOUS DEVIL 100% Natural Hardwood Grill Charcoal.