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-HEAT RETENTION – Due to their excellent heat retention properties, high temperatures can be achieved and maintained by precise control of air flow via the top and bottom vents that gives your food that superior taste. -VERSATIL – Kamado cookers are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used for grilling or smoking but also pizzas, bread, pies and cookies can be baked effortlessly inside them -INNOVATED DESIGN- Inspired by old clay vessels these now called egg cooker are the mix between functionality and style for backyard, these kamado will for sure be the main conversation of every Sunday BBAQ. -HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS- Made out of ceramic that help keep the heat while at the same time not give your foods any steel flavor, also with 2 bamboo side tables so you can have access to any condiments while cooking your favorite meals. -CONNECTING FAMILIES- you can have an outdoor meal with your favorite people and cook them whatever they choose and make them all happy with these effective and multi uses Kamado. 3.000 YEARS OF EVOLUTION IN YOUR HANDS THE MOST EFFICIENT BBQ OF THE MARKET. THE KAMADO IS A CERAMIC BBQ WITH AN INCREDIBLE ISOLATION SISTEM THAT LETS YOU COOK WITH LESS THAN 2KG OF CHARCOAL FOR A REALLY LONG TIME! ITS INCREDIBLE VERSATILITY, USE IT AS A GRILL, A BBQ AND A SMOKER. YOU CAN COOK ANY TYPO OF MEAT, FISH, VEGETABLES, CHEESE AND MORE! VERY EASY TO LIGHT. IT HAS A UNIQUE AIR FLOW SYSTEM THAT SIMPLIFY THE LIGHTING PROCESS 3 PRODUCTS IN 1: BBQ + GRILL + SMOKER BBQ – Close the Lid, closed partially both air vents and cook low and slow for up to 8 hours! SMOKER – Why not try adding some wood chips to the charcoal or try combining different flavour wood chips to make your meats even more flavoursome. GRILL – Use it with the lid open for a fast and flavored grill EASY TO CLEAN Heavy-duty Galvanized steel rolling cart LONGER HEAT LASTING (UP TO 8 HOURS) WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: (50 F – 800 F) WEIGHT: 85 LBS PRODUCT SIZE: 25.60″ X 25″ X 30.52″ MAIN BODY DIAMETER: 21″ COOKING GRID DIAM: 18.38″ COOKING HEIGHT: 35.82″ TOP VENT: CAST IRON ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO SIDE TABLE AND HANDLE