GRILLFEST 655 Wood Pellet Grill in Black with 2 Meat Probes

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For authentic smoked flavor, This wood pellet-fueled grill and smoker provides the true BBQ taste you’re looking for. Smoke, grill, and bake on the porcelain-coated grate and warming Rack. The large pellet Hopper lets you cook for hours without reloading and the auger system automatically regulates the pellet Feed rate for constant temperature control. With 445 square” Of cooking area, pick your favorite recipe and get started. Mastering the art of BBQ is no simple task. Like any master craftsman, you need the proper tools If you want to reach for outdoor cooking perfection. Smoke Hollow delivers the delicious, smoke-flavored results you’re looking for in every bite. Smoke Hollow has the finest durable BBQ grills and accessories, combo grill smokers, and electric smokers to prepare your next BBQ just The way you like it. Exclusive features and finishes add the extra touches that a true BBQ artisan will appreciate. Tackle multiple styles of barbecue cooking. Enjoy a variety of foods like beef, pork, poultry, fish, ribs and more. Color: Black.