Gray Polyester Fabric Manual Glider Recliner, Sofa, Lounge Chair, Arc Headrest Design, for Living Room, Leisure place, Smoke gray

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Whether it is after a long day of work, tired of studying, or daily leisure, using this recliner to relieve fatigue and relax your body and mind will be your ideal choice. The reclining design allows you to switch between reclining, sitting and lifting, and easily reach the ideal position for relaxation according to your needs. Wave-shaped cushioning, 100% polyester comfort fabric, excellent durability, to achieve the ultimate comfort experience for you. The curved headrest design backrest can better care for your cervical spine and give you a perfect visual appearance. According to your needs, there are power and manual models for you to choose. The power model has a USB charging design to provide you with convenience and easy charging. The manual model is equipped with glider function and is cost-effective. Color: Smoke gray.