For 00-04 Ford Excursion TD 1pc Harley Style LED Crystal Headlights (Smoke) TD-HD-JH-FF25099-LED-SM

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NotesThis item is sold by pair (Left and Right)Will not fit with stock Xenon HID equipped headlightsFeaturesUnique styling only available from special outlets1 piece design replaces headlights and adjacent lampsSignificant savings over “name brand” headlightsComplete pair: both sides includedParametersColor: SmokeKS, Anzo, Sonar (Spyder) , and Junyan are not the only Ford Excursion Smoke Harley Style Crystal Headlights manufacturers on the market. Though they are the biggest, there are other options available, especially if you are looking for rare and unique styles to replace your stock Excursion Head Lights. The TD line of Ford Excursion Harley Style Crystal Smoke Headlamps represents Tuners Depot’s collection of head lights from lesser known and smaller companies. They often have more focused product lines, with specializations in certain rare applications as well as offering unique features. The Euro Harley Style Crystal Head Lamps from these companies are great for keeping your Ford Excursion differentiated from the pack, since unlike the bigger brands, they have much smaller production runs and can be very hard to find. Though these TD Smoke Ford Excursion Harley Style Crystal Headlights do not carry the long warranties of bigger brands, their cost effectiveness can be made up in their often significantly lower prices, especially with a little elbow grease. As with all tail lens and head lamps (even your OEM ones), putting a extra seal of silicone sealant (available at any hardware or automotive part store) along the seam of your Ford Excursion Harley Style Crystal Head Lights virtually guarantees they will stay clean and new looking for the life of your Excursion.