EVERYONE DESIGNS LLC 8-Pcs Smoker & Grill Set w/ Heat Resistant Gloves, BBQ Fork & Thermometer, Pellet Smoker Tube, Meat Claws, Grill Brushes

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The PitMaster King 8pc Smoker & Grill set is the perfect grilling companion for all BBQ lovers, from beginners to pitmasters. Tear through your meats with our high quality and strong meat shredders. The thermometer included will accurately read the temperature of your meat and also doubles as a bbq fork. The pellet smoker can produce smoke up to 5 hours and will add great smoke flavor to all your foods. The hexagon shape allows for efficient diffusion of smoke and can use a variety of wood pellets; cherry, hickory, mesquite, apple, pecan and more. This set is compatible with most modern grills and smokers but can be conveniently used to cook your favorite recipes in your indoor ovens as well. Included in the set are: 2x 5.5″ meat claws, 1x 4.5″ probe thermometer & bbq fork, 2x EN407 Certified 932F heat resistant gloves, 2x 5″ cleaning brushes and 1x 12″x2″ pellet smoker tube. This barbecue set makes the perfect gift for every occasion; birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Housewarming, Christmas.