Cuisinart Vertical 36 in. Propane Gas Smoker in Black

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The Cuisinart vertical propane gas smoker provides ample smoking space with its 30 in. of vertical cooking space and 4 stainless steel cooking racks. Turning the valve on a propane tank and twisting the control knob on the smoker is all it takes to start it. The tightly sealed doors will help with consistency while adjusting the back vent will raise or lower the smoker’s temperature. This smoker doesn’t have to be used just for large cuts of meat and long smoking sessions. With 4 14 in. x 14 in. cooking racks, you’ll be able to smoke fun new appetizers for a party or even a more traditional meal during the-week. This smoker will add wonderful smoky flavor to anything you put inside. Smoke some chicken breasts for dinner in under 2-hours, some stuffed mushrooms in 1-hour, or a thick cut of meat for 10 plus-hours. Smoking food has never been easier and the possibilities are endless with Cuisinart’s vertical propane gas smoker.