Cowboy 18 lbs. Southern Style Hardwood Lump BBQ Grilling Charcoal Bag (2-Pack)

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Don’t settle for grilling with subpar charcoal. Instead, upgrade your charcoal and take your grilling experience to the next level with the Cowboy 18 lbs. Bag of Southern Style Hardwood Lump BBQ Charcoal for Grilling. Unlike imitator charcoals, this blend is crafted from superior quality, kiln-dried southern hardwood that instantly interjects an authentic southern barbecue flavor into your food. It’s ready to cook faster than most charcoals and thanks to higher levels of carbon, this charcoal gets hotter than most. And unlike other blends, this Cowboy charcoal isn’t filled with additives, so you get a better wood-grilled flavor, less ash and less clean up. What’s great about this type of lump charcoal is that it’s versatile and pairs with almost any type of outdoor cooking appliance. Use this unique blend with kettle-style barbecues, barrel grills, smokers or even kamado-style cookers. Make your grilling experience better with this excellent blend of charcoal from Cowboy.