Cowboy 14 lbs. All Natural Hardwood BBQ Charcoal Briquets for Grilling (2-Pack)

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Don’t settle for grilling with subpar charcoal. Instead, upgrade your charcoal and take your grilling experience to the next level with the Cowboy 14 lbs. All Natural Range Hardwood BBQ Charcoal Briquets 2-Pack. Unlike imitator brands, this charcoal is top-notch and will leave you wondering why you hadn’t been using it much sooner. It’s designed to interject an authentic wood-fired flavor into your food and thanks to the special design of the charcoal, you get long-lasting and even heat every single time. The pillow shape of the briquets makes it easy to achieve even heating keeping the temperature consistent on your grill. Plus, since the briquets are all-natural, that means there is not coal, chemicals or added fillers. Just all-natural, easy-to-use charcoal. Get back to grilling the right way with this 14 lbs. bag of Cowboy charcoal.