COOKINPELLETS.COM 40 lbs. Bags Black Cherry Smoker Hardwood Wood Pellets, (3-Pack)

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Enjoy a backyard barbecue with more flavor. Kick your famous BBQ up a notch by smoking your meals with these CookinPellets Black Cherry Smoking Wood Pellets (includes three 40 lbs. bags). You’ll get a 40 lbs. bag of wood pellets, which is plenty for several cookouts. These smoking wood pellets are infused with black cherry flavor, making for a light, sweet smoke flavor. These high-quality wood pellets condense cerise noire hardwood and jam-pack the smokey flavor within. These hardwood pellets contains no bark or filler woods. Just genuine, 100% hardwood pellets. Use these smoking wood chips with just about any grill or smoker. These wood pellets are great for adding flavor to muffins and cookies as well as smoking pork, brisket, chicken, other meats, and veggies. Gather your friends and family for a flavorful cookout. Infuse your backyard-famous BBQ with sweet, smokey flavor with the CookinPellets Black Cherry Smoking Wood Pellets.