Char-Griller Classic Charcoal Grill in Black

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Want the ultimate control over your cook The Char-Griller Classic Charcoal grill gives you that and so much more. With a unique crank adjustable charcoal tray and a charcoal access door in the front, you can easily add more charcoal and wood to dial in your cook. Cast iron cooking grates take it to the next level and it is Side Fire Box adaptable so you can easily turn it into a Texas-Style offset smoker. After 25-years in the business, Char-Griller knows a thing or 2-about grills. At Char-Griller, we build durable products that last beyond the first grilling season. You can trust that you’ll get-years of enjoyment out of your Char-Griller Grill and we look forward to you joining #TeamCharGriller. Color: Black.