Bungalow Flooring 5 ft. W x 3 ft. L Black Smoke Polyester Rubber Garage Flooring Mat

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Hands down, the toughest mats money can buy. Originally built to handle the strenuous demands of industrial settings, the Bungalow Garage Collection of utility floor mats are guaranteed to stand up to the toughest environment in your home. Certified as both Flame Resistant (DOC-FF1-70) and High Traction (National Floor Safety Institute), the Bungalow Garage Utility Mats offer an unprecedented layer of safety and floor protection for the home in a stylish design that will enhance the look of any garage, workshop, or carport. Featuring industrial grade materials like a heavy-duty nitrile rubber backing and a rugged heavyweight 100% recycled polyester fiber surface, these mats are stain-resistant, mold/mildew resistant, and will not rot or fade. The unique bi-level surface is ideal for catching sawdust, shavings, sand, and typical dirt and grime which make it ideal for any work bench or shop area, while the impenetrable rubber backing will protect your garage floors from pesky oil and gas stains from lawn equipment, power tools, and storage cans. When it’s time to clean, simply vacuum, hose off, and allow to air dry. For a deeper clean, don’t hesitate to break out the pressure washer and clean with a mild detergent. And like all Bungalow Flooring products, these high-quality mats are made right here in America. Color: Black Smoke.