BRK BRANDS INC FRST 120-Volt AC Smoke and LED Strobe Alarm with 10-Year Sealed Lithium Battery Backup

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BRK Brands Model 7020BSL (Cat 1038335) is a wire-in 120-Volt AC 60Hz single and/or multiple station photoelectric smoke alarm with integrated 177 candela LED strobe light specifically designed for residential and institutional applications including sleeping rooms of hospitals, hotels, motels, public housing, dormitories and other multifamily dwellings as defined in standard NFPA 101. This alarm is interconnectable with up to 18 devices of which 12 can be smoke alarms. The smart strobe has a separate flash pattern to distinguish between smoke and CO dangers. The 177 candela strobe light has a sealed 3-Volt lithium battery capable of providing backup power for alarm over 10-years of life.