BRAZILIAN FLAME Portable Propane Gas Rotisserie Grill in Black

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BRAZILIAN FLAME invites you to experience the authentic flavor of a Brazilian grill in the comfort of your own home. The grill allows you to cook meat, fish, vegetables and more in a centuries-old Brazilian style BBQ. A multi-skewer rotating system ensures your chicken, fish, steak and vegetables are evenly cooked and much tastier than the oven, skillet, or standard grill. Modern design and convenient grease collecting tray make this barbeque roaster quick and easy to clean while state of the art technology allows for true BBQ flavor with no smoke. Electronic, individually controlled burners or heating elements on the back and a curved transparent glass door offer better visualization and better roasting control. Fans of barbeque, grilled steaks, Brazilian food and outdoor enthusiasts, here’s your chance to get your hands on the first of its kind. Color: black.