BIG HORN Pizza Ovens Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Wood Fired Pizza Maker Portable Stainless Steel Pizza Grill, stainless still

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The best portable wood-fired pizza oven Cooking has never been easier with this portable wood-fired pizza oven. Specially designed for outdoor application, stable construction is easy to take apart for CLEANING, STORAGE and MOVING, this portable wood pallet pizza oven can be easily assembled and installed in minutes. Add wood pellets and preheat for approximately 18-minutes, once reaches the desired temperature you’re ready to bake, bake delicious pizzas in as little as 2-minutes. Max temperature 860°F(460°C) quickly and evenly bake a variety of foods. Not just for baking pizzas, but also perfect for beef, chicken, fish and sausages. Enjoy a restaurant level cooking experience with this wood pellet pizza oven. Color: stainless still.