Best of the West Masters Selection Mesquite Lump Charcoal for Grilling, 20 lbs.

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Take your grilling game to the next level with the Best of the West Mesquite Lump Charcoal. This 20 lbs. bag of natural mesquite charcoal adds a sweet, smoky flavor to any meat or veggies that you put on the grill. There are no added chemicals or preservatives, allowing this all-natural lump charcoal to burn cleaner. This mesquite lump charcoal for grilling also burns longer and hotter than most regular briquettes. This 20 lbs. bag is sure to last you a long time, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living and patio season. Enjoy sweet, smoky mesquite flavor all summer long with the Best of the West Mesquite Lump Charcoal. Whether you have a charcoal grill, a smoker, or need a chimney starter, this all-natural lump charcoal will help you get the most out of your grilling game.