ankishi Healthomse True HEPA Air Purifier 3-Layer Filtration for Rid of , Mold, Smoke, Odor …

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1-PROTECT YOUR FAMILY WITH 100% SAFE QUALITY ASSURED PRODUCT:Healthomse DMY20002-US is Carb Certified Compliant With California’s Stringent Standards for Indoor Cleaning Device, ETL and CARBCertified;2-3-LAYER PURIFICATION SYSTEM:Healthomse DMY20002-US Air Purifier equipped with a Pre-filter, HEPA filterandactivated Carbon filter, this air purifier cleans the air in your room in 3unique ways. Dust, Smoke, Dander, Microbe, Rid of , Mold, Odor… all major air pollutants will no longer be a threat to your family and pets, Healthomse Air Purifier has advanced and powerful 3stage purification technologies, includes one permanent Fine Mesh Pre-Filters, onereplaceable True HEPA filterand one replaceable Carbon Filter, will take care of all your clean air needs;3-FORSMALLROOM:With a giant air intake at the bottom plus two side intakes. The amount of clean air Healthomse DMY20002-US delivers every hour reaches a remarkable 200m, sufficient for purifying rooms as large as 1786ft (166m).And in a 300 ft room, it can purify the air completely 360 times every hour. Whether it’s a bedroom, office, living room or the whole house, it delivers perfection;4-AUTO MODE SMART SENSOR:Supported by a built-in smoke and odor sensor, the Healthomse true HEPA air purifier is also a smart odor eliminator. In auto mode, it will adjust the fan speed according to realtime air quality in your room. When someone lights a cigarette, or when your cat pees on the carpet, it will gear up to remove the smoke and odor quicker;5-CONVENIENT FEATURES:Healthomse DMY20002-US air purifier has many other convenient features, such as a built-in timer (1/2/4/8h), a night light that can be turned off, preconfigured sleep mode and 2,000 hours filter replacement reminder.6-FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING:Free shipping in the US;7-60 DAYS WORRY-FREE FULL REFUND OR REPLACEMENT:Any problem with the product can be a money-back guarantee or replacement within 60 days;8-2 YEARS WARRANTY:Guaranteed high quality and reliability with hassle-free parts and labor warranty for 2 years;9-LIFETIME SERVICE SUPPORT:365 * 7 * 24H online service, and provide free consultation service for life.PACKAGE CONTENTS:1 x True HEPA Air Purifier1 x Pre-Filter1 x True HEPA Air Filter1 x Activated Carbon Filter1 x User Manual