Americana 2-in-1 Charcoal Water Smoker Grill

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The Americana 2-in-1 Charcoal Water Smoker Grill converts to a Lock N’ Go portable grill for ultimate versatility. In full smoker mode, its chimney-like design with loose-fitting vented lid and tight-fitting doors creates a constant flow of new smoke for maximum flavor. Smoke flow may be minimized, without extinguishing the smoking source, by shutting all vents and allowing only smoke to vent around the hood perimeter. This slow-cooking feature allows for maximum flavor and moisture, perfecting a juicy and tender product with less effort. The unit includes a 5.5 Qt. stainless steel hydration pan to fill with beer, juice, wine, soda, sake, water or other beverage so your smoked delicacies stay moist and juicy. It features a built-in heat gauge (warm, ideal, hot) and two 176 sq. in. chrome-plated cooking grids, giving you two levels of cooking and a total of 351 sq. in. of cooking space. The unit also boasts sturdy steel-reinforced legs, three stay-cool wood handles and a removable ash pan for easy coal extraction.