Air Purifiers Plug In for Home,Mini Portable Silent Air Purifier,Travel-Size Air Cleaner for House Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Remove Toilet Pet Smell Cigarette Smoke Odor- Plug and Play (5PC)

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Why Choose Negative Air Purifier for Home:Easy to use. Just plug inPurifying air, remove secondhand smoke, odor, dust and so on.No noise,creating a comfortable environment for rest, work and sleepping.Filter-free, no need to change the air filter.Use for house,office,room,hotel,bedroom,bathroom,kitchen,toilet.The device also works as a night light without affecting your electricity bills.How Does it workAir ionizers diffuse negatively charged ions into your home’s air. these negatively ions bond to airborbe pollutants and make them heavy.they will then to the ground or on top of surfaces to be easily swept or vacuumed upHow is it different from an Air PurifierAn air purifier typically uses some sort of fan to pull in airrun it throught a filter where particles will be trapped.this can be very effective but can usually requiires costly filter replacements or filter cleaning. Lonizers can be an alternative or addition to air purifiers but they work in very differen ways. our air purifier is easy and simple to operate.Simply plug in the unit to any standard outlet in your home.It can work in any area of your home including bed rooms,Hallways,bathrooms,kitchens,and garages.Attention:Keep the default appearance and do not open case.Do not use in damp places or splash with water.Clean the fiber brush head regularly with alcohol.Please unplug the power supply when cleaning.