850-Watt 1 l Medium Size Mobile Smoke Fog Machine with Remotes

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Add another dimensions to your show or event with the American DJ VF1100 Fog Machine. This portable fog machine is ideal for mobile entertainers, and medium size nightclubs and bars. It is equipped with a high efficiency heater that produces 8,000 cu. ft. of fog per minute to fill the room. It also comes with a 1 l fog fluid tank and comes with a wired and wireless remotes. The American DJ VF1100 Fog Machine increases the effect of your light beam show to really step up your party game. Warning: This machine was manufactured to use the same brand of fluid as the brand of the machine. When you use fluid that is different from the brand of the machine, it will not be as dense and the machine will break. Keep your machine thriving from gig to gig and use the same brand of fluid as your machine to experience impressive effects for years to come.